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What We Do

Since 1996, Greystone’s constant mission has been to deliver speed-to-market while meeting our client’s high expectations. We are a multi faceted practice built upon six disciplines. The following provides a very brief overview of each.

    Construction Drawings

  • SliderConstruction
  • SliderConstruction
  • Conceptual design
  • Project assessment & scope of work
  • Building code analysis / matrix and comprehensive client reports
  • Coordination of all consulting partners
  • Preparation of permit, tender, and construction drawings.
  • As-built drawings
  • Décor drawing packages


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    Store Planning

  • SliderStore
  • SliderStore
  • SliderStore
  • SliderStore
  • Fixture planning, from initial concept development thru to final construction plans
  • Fixture detailing drawings
  • Presentation drawings – coloured plans, 2D & 3D renderings & 3D walkthroughs
  • Requirement drawing packages
  • Renovation plans



    Land Development Civil Engineering

  • SliderLand
  • SliderLand

Land Development

  • Site Due Diligence
  • Preliminary Engineering
  • Development Proforma Analysis
  • Functional Servicing Reporting
  • Stormwater Management
  • Detailed Engineering Design
  • Construction Services

Civil Engineering

  • Earthworks & cut-fill optimization
  • Site plans/layout
  • Lot grading & drainage design
  • Site servicing plans
  • Stormwater management modelling and design
  • Servicing feasibility studies
  • Functional serving reports
  • Erosion & sediment control
  • Utility coordination



    Site Plan Concept Development

  • SliderSite
  • SliderSite
  • Develop detailed site plans, buildings, elevations for site plan approvals
  • Apply for and represent clients for all municipal approvals including site plan approvals, minor variances and re-zoning
  • Coordinate plans for perspective tenants




  • SliderHealthcare
  • SliderHealthcare
  • SliderHealthcare

  • A full solution: everything from the space
    planning to the building and furnishing
  • Full engineered structural, mechanical,
    electrical, and plumbing drawings
  • Building Permits
  • BCIN Stamps
  • Lease Square Footage Analysis
  • Brand new practices
  • Technology plans
  • Renovations and expansions

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    Equipment Technology

  • SliderEquipment
  • SliderEquipment
  • Acting as the single source gatekeeper for all equipment within our clients program
  • Develop standardized electrical, mechanical and spatial requirements for each piece of equipment
  • Our proprietary equipment system would be beneficial to architects, consultants, project managers, and designers
  • Become the one source of updating and communicating to all stakeholders and the availability of the information on CAD / Revit formatting
  • Our system is a valuable reference tool for project managers during construction and the fixture / equipment installation
  • Our system reduces / eliminates changes to construction documents and change orders on site, as a result of tighter control on equipment specifications and requirements
  • This system assists contractors, consultants, purchasing and project managers to achieve speed, consistency and productivity improvements